My name is Darren and I’m a wildlife and scenic  
photographer based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta.  Even before I got into photography I had a fascination with wildlife and was fortunate to have grown up in a rural area living amongst them.  After I got into photography it was only natural I ended up shooting the wildlife I enjoyed my whole life. 
  I have been a photographer for the past ten years,
developing my skills along the way, not only on the
technical side of things but on how I approached my
subjects.  I like putting the animals well-being and safety first before my photo. 
  I describe my work as mainly portrait style and I try to
capture my subjects in their natural environment composing my shots so they are pleasing to the eye, something I am proud to display and hope my clients are as well. 
  My photos have been sold worldwide and have been
published in newspapers and magazines.  This website is my portfolio, if you like what you see feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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